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Chas DiCapua's Dharma Talks at Common Ground Meditation Center
Chas DiCapua
Chas DiCapua is currently the Insight Meditation Society's Resident Teacher, and has offered meditation since 1998. He is interested in how each person can fully and uniquely manifest the dharma. He teaches regularly at sitting groups and centers close to IMS.
2017-02-24 Using the Body to Understand the Three Universal Characteristics 1:39:44
Weekly Dharma Series
2016-02-19 How a Night Light Taught Me About the Three Characteristics 67:19
The truth of the way things are is constantly being played out in front of our eyes. Because of delusion, we don’t see this and instead see things incorrectly. By connecting deeply with any object though, we can see through the delusion and apprehend its unsatisfactory, impermanent and selfless nature. Recently on retreat at the Forest Refuge in Massachusetts, an encounter with a night light taught me this dharma lesson that I’ll share with you.
Weekly Dharma Series
2015-02-21 Mindfulness, Judgement and Discernment 1:41:42
Weekly Dharma Series
2014-02-21 Climate Change 28:28
Guided Meditation
2014-02-21 Climate Change 1:13:50
Guest Dharma Talk
2013-02-15 Finding Truth Through Truth 1:15:58
Guest Dharma Talk

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