The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Buddhist Studies: Mindfulness of the Mind, Week 5 - Meditation
2021-07-26 Buddhist Studies: Mindfulness of the Mind, Week 5 - Meditation 34:20
Mark Nunberg
The Buddhist Studies courses are designed for people who have attended three or more mindfulness meditation retreats and have a commitment to daily meditation practice. This ongoing program is designed to deepen our understanding through the study and application of the teachings of the Buddha. Classes will include dharma talks, large and small group discussions, and guided sitting time. Participants will be expected to use the teachings as a focus for their daily practice. Led by Mark Nunberg. This six week course is a continuation of our year-long study of the Buddha’s discourse on the four foundations of mindfulness. With mindfulness of the mind, the Buddha invites us to notice whether the mind is with or without greed, anger, or delusion. We can learn to discern whether the mind is contracted and distracted or whether the mind is open and still. Learning to recognize the shape and quality of the mind is the first step toward deepening insight and release.
Buddhist Studies Course: Mindfulness of the Mind

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