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Ajahn Jotipalo's Dharma Talks at Common Ground Meditation Center
Ajahn Jotipalo
Ajahn Jotipālo was born in 1965 in Indiana. He received a B.A. from Wabash College and worked for six years in technical sales. He became interested in Theravada Buddhism after sitting several Goenka retreats. While on staff at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts, he met Ajahn Amaro and Ajahn Punnadhammo. After leaving IMS, he spent three months with Ajahn Punnadhammo at the Arrow River Forest Hermitage in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Ajahn Jotipālo came to live at Abhayagiri in 1998 and subsequently spent two years training as an Anāgārika and Sāmaṇera. He ordained as a Bhikkhu with Ajahn Pasanno as preceptor on Ajahn Chah's birthday, June 17, 2000. Since that time, Ajahn Jotipālo has also stayed at Ajahn Chah-branch monasteries in Thailand, Canada, and New Zealand. He has returned to Abhayagiri for the vassa of 2012.
2014-10-22 Art and other Musings 61:11
Weekly Dharma Series
2013-05-25 Workshop - Metta as a Concentration Practice 3:02:03
2013-05-24 Buddhist Holidays - Vesakha Puja 1:27:19
Guest Dharma Talk
2012-07-08 Workshop: Skillful Use of Devotional Practices 2:21:54
2012-06-22 Preliminary Steps for Lovingkindness (Metta) Practice 1:20:23
Guest Dharma Talk
2007-11-12 The Teachings of Ajahn Chah and the Thai Forest Tradition 1:12:02
Guest Dharma Talk
2006-10-30 A Night of Enlightened Poetry 1:15:14
Guest Dharma Talk

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