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Patrice Koelsch's Dharma Talks at Common Ground Meditation Center
Patrice Koelsch
Formally trained with a Ph.D. in Philosophy, Patrice Koelsch is a writer and educator who began sitting at Common Ground in 1995. She has been facilitating meditation groups in correctional facilities since 1999. Patrice has also practiced meditation at monasteries in Burma and Thailand. In 2006 she completed a year-long Buddhist Chaplaincy Training Program at the Sati Center for Buddhist Studies. Patrice has been certified to teach through Spirit Rock\’s Community Dharma Leaders Program.
2016-04-01 Lovingkindness - Talk 40:25
This monthly practice group is for people interested in developing the heart by training in the four beautiful emotions of lovingkindness (metta), compassion, empathetic joy, and equanimity.
Monthly Lovingkindness Practice Group
In collection Lovingkindness (Metta)

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