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Louis Alemayehu's Dharma Talks at Common Ground Meditation Center
Louis Alemayehu
Born in Chicago of African and Native heritage, Louis Alemayehu developed his poetic skills and musical sensibilities as a part of the Black Arts Movement in the 1970s. His believes that poetry is a tool for healing; his performances, lyrical twinings of jazz, chant, poetry and song, are art-as-ritual, often performed ceremonially. He teaches classes in poetry and language arts at the Multicultural Indigenous Academy, and facilitates community workshops on racism, culture and community-building.
2016-04-23 We Make the Road by Walking: A Workshop for Artists, Activists, and Community Builders 1:49:17
During these turbulent times of the 21st Century it will be easy to be captured by feelings of despair. Join Louis Alemayehu and community friends in exploring ways to care for oneself and build communities of activism and healing. No one alive has witnessed days like the ones unfolding now. We have no road maps, but the ones that can evolve from our open and resilient hearts.
2015-10-17 We Make the Road by Walking: Workshop for Activists, Artists and Community Builders 68:44
2015-05-08 Dharma Days 1:26:43
Weekly Dharma Series
2014-04-11 The Making of Family 1:36:37
Weekly Dharma Series
2012-02-10 We are here to Awaken 1:17:47
Guest Dharma Talk

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