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Craig Vollmar's Dharma Talks at Common Ground Meditation Center
Craig Vollmar
Craig, a dedicated member of Common Ground Meditation Center community, died of pancreatic cancer on April 18 2014 at 76 years of age. He served on the initial Board of Directors, chaired the Ethics Committee and founded the Twelve Steps and Mindfulness group. He led workshops on anger and forgiveness for many years, and also conducted Twelve Steps and Mindfulness retreats. Common Ground was Craig's spiritual home, and many of his books have been donated to the Common Ground retreat center in Wisconsin.
2013-05-29 Friending the Dark Underbelly of Suffering 55:29
Dharma Talk
2013-05-29 Body Contemplation 28:40
Guided Meditation
2012-05-20 Embracing The Five Hindrances 55:36
Dharma Talk
2012-03-07 Caring for One's Self 55:02
Dharma Talk
2011-06-01 Why Practice 50:58
Dharma Talk
2008-03-15 Practicing Forgiveness 2:17:31
Retreat Dharma Talk
2006-05-05 From Despair to Gratitude 57:59
Guest Dharma Talk

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