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Gabe Keller Flores's Dharma Talks at Common Ground Meditation Center
Gabe Keller Flores
Gabe Keller Flores is Common Ground's Office Manager and serves on the Board of Directors, as well as the Advisory Committee on matters of equity and accessibility. He is a dedicated dharma practitioner, having spent about one year of his life doing intensive retreat practice. He's been practicing at Common Ground since 2008, and his appreciation for the dharma continues to deepen. He approaches teaching as an opportunity to practice honest and compassionate reflection on current inquiries, insights, and challenges in his practice.
2018-09-09 Living with Vulnerability - Meditation 31:55
Weekly Dharma Series
2018-08-01 Inner Peace and Outer Peace - Talk with Wynn Fricke. 62:03
Additional Speakers: Wynn Fricke
2018-08-01 Inner Peace and Outer Peace-guided meditation 30:16
2018-07-08 Happiness Isn't Dependent on Conditions 62:56
Note: Poor Audio Quality
Weekly Dharma Series
2018-06-03 Right Intention-Devotion to Goodness - Talk 45:24
Weekly Dharma Series
2018-06-03 Right Intention-Devotion to Goodness - Meditation 25:30
Weekly Dharma Series
2018-05-05 Understanding anti-oppression work in terms of our dharma practice 19:17
Part of a presentation given at the Intersangha conference of the Buddhist Insight Network in May of 2018.
Weekly Dharma Series
2018-02-15 Introduction to Mindfulness Course - Week 6 - Part 3 - Q & A and Dharma Talk 46:41
2017-07-02 The Power of Awareness 69:43
Weekly Dharma Series
2017-03-08 Practicing for Liberation 1:30:50
Weekly Dharma Series

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